A : Is it real leather or synthetic?

Q : We mainly using synthetic leather but if we using real leather we will inform you on the description box


A: How long will my package arrived?

Q: It’s should be around 3-4 days


A : When will you deliver our package?

Q: One day after you made the payment


A: What should I do if I get broken bags?

Q:  Just simply contact us via phone, whatsapp or line ( available in contact us section ), snap a pic of your broken bag, and we will change the bag for you


A: What is Endek / Tenun ?

Q : It’s traditional handwoven from Bali, Indonesia


A : How to clean the bag?

Q : Use body lotion or cajuput oil to clean dirty spot on the syntethic leather part. To clean endek part, simply use brush , water, and shampoo (please do not use detergent) and dry it in a place that not direct to sunlight