Style Files : Kris ( Wu Yi Fan)

by Fitri Maharani on Sep 29, 2015


Sharp features and statuesque figure, topped with a flair for fashion--at first glance, it is easy to mistake Wu Yi Fan as an highly sought-after fashion model rather than an actor or former Korean idol he is commonly known as. 



After abruptly leaving his group in 2014; in a true ugly-duckling-to-swan fashion, he went from the underrated leader-rapper of EXO-M to China’s new celebrity darling. The Chinese-Canadian star parlayed his fame into a groundbreaking success overnight, starring in three consecutive movies with some of the biggest names in the industry, scoring major endorsement deals left and right, and later featured in Forbes China as one of their richest celebrities. 


The movie star’s immense popularity and striking looks transcends into fashion, winning major sartorial point with a plethora of instant instagrammable looks. Wu Yi Fan has been known from early on for his elegant airport fashion. His tastefully put together outfits of classic masculine coats and shirts reflect his sophisticated style. Over the years, Wu Yi Fan has put his own take on luxury fashion brands and made certain recognizable pieces from Rick Owens, Balmains, Givenchy and Christopher Kane his go-to ensembles. Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane has clearly had a large influence on Kris’s style with plenty of pieces, and occasionally complete runway looks being spotted on trips to the airport, enhanced with striking luxuriant sunglasses. 






But a sartorial chameleon that he is, Kris effortlessly switches from casual couture to sporty luxe. Trendy Adidas kicks and basketball jerseys are almost ubiquitously documented in his personal Instagrama prove that he loves getting in touch with the 90s B-Boy getup or his known love of basketball. One of Kris's standout looks included being decked in the highly sought-after, baroque-covered Supreme X Nike black jersey and matching basketball shorts with matching sneakers. 






A plethora of standout graphic sweaters and jackets also made up most of Wu Yi Fan’s wardrobe choices when it comes to recent appearances. He bravely tries out some of the most contemporary trend in men’s fashion, from donning platinum trench coat to dipping his toes in the military theme. 


A style icon in the making, Wu Yi Fan is fast becoming a permanent fixture in the fashion scene. He made his marks by appearing at none other than the sartorial showdown of the year, the Met Ball Gala—invited as the first Chinese male celebrity representative of his country. What follows is a consistent presence in Chinese fashion magazines. He was recently spotted on the cover of Vogue China with model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner. Afterwards, at the invitation of Ricardo Tisci himself, Yi Fan attended the fashion show of French luxury brand Givenchy during the Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week and toured Europe for an editorial with the L’Officiel Homme magazine. 


The fact that Kris was invited to the high-profile event speaks volume of his influence as a style trendsetter in China, which is a priority market for luxury brands.