Manikan Lurik Bag

by Marketing on Aug 31, 2015

Stripes patter will always be trend every year. Simple pattern with various color that easily can be mix matched with another wardrobe surely make your looks chic instantly. Some of you may not known it but Indonesia have stripe pattern on traditional fabric called Lurik that originally comes from Java. Lurik have been existed since Mataram Kingdom.

Manikan falls in love with the simplicity of Lurik pattern and Manikan believe that lurik can make your looks chic that’s the reason o why we make f Manikan Lurik Bag. Not like usual Lurik bag that you can easily found at art shop in Yogyakarta, Manian Lurik using genuine leather and apply patching technique to give unique twist. Manikan Lurik Bag also comes in big spaces, knowing that our customer are active ladies in work or campus life so you can easily carry your belongin in stylish way