Manikan is listening to "Louane-Chambre 12"

by fmaharani on May 19, 2015

A refreshing change from today's monotonous US music scene (I can barely bare another Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez), Louane's sweet pure melodious voice easily induces instant ear-gasm with every track of her first album Chambre 12. Louane beautifully croons about breakups and makeups, doubts of love and revenge, youth and mother; while managing to stray from lazy clichés with passionate lyrics and extensive range of arrangements from uptempo radio edited Avenir to her quirky piano ballads.

During my first listen, Chambre 12 evokes certain images of dancing among tall yellowed grass, embracing afternoon breeze, and running free. The music lets you travel and most importantly, listen and just feel. Perhaps not being familiar with the language helps in immersing yourself in the music firsthand without the distraction of the message being hit-or-miss, a privilage I can not extend to for example, any of Bruno Mars' hits--nice melody, crappy lyrics. Yet, a more intimate look presents you with beautifully written phrases. Or it might be that everything does sound better in French?

It's simply, as the French will say it, tres genial!

Give Avenir a try; Louane's addictive, repetitive "Woah woah woahah" will definitely keep you coming back for more, even when you can't tell a non from an oui. While another fans' favorite, Jour 1 will bring you anything but ennui.