Denim Tale

by fmaharani on May 18, 2015

The ultimate casual staple, denim, can truly dazzle given some clever boost—play with textures, add a dash of exciting print, and remember : accessories can make or break your look!


Bleu me away

Nothing says ‘working man’ (or lady!) better than the good ol’ blue denim shirt. While it is a fine ensemble for casual campus/office look, swapping it with cool alternatives for after-hour fun with friend can be too troublesome (and you hardly want to punish your cute bag by stuffing it with clothes). Do shun your nondescript working pants—those underwhelming black slacks will do nothing for your look, or your body for that matter. Think legs! For street-style worthy attire, opt for a skirt with attention-grabbing graphic, the more artisanal the better!


We are loving this floral pixelated skirt from New Look. Deceivingly abstract from up close, the graphic skirt definitely warrants more than just a second glance. The splash of blue adds an excitement to the current preferred monochromatic color scheme while the skater style accentuates the wait, flattering the figure.

Embellishment comes in metal-based accessories—a silver chunky necklace that sits snuggly at the collar.

Achieve the perfect transitional dressing by throwing a classic patterned coat--understated yet chic in the obiquitous monochrome black and white) over this look and a pair of black ankle boots.


Back to Black

When it comes to denim skirt, people usually jump straight to blue, short, and frayed, complete with tank/tee and flip flops. This old-fashion, California beach (the O.C., anyone?) notion of dressing has nothing to recommend itself except for comfort—and we know that in fashion, no pain is no gain! So no, when it comes to denim skirt, we want sophisticated, sleek, and black.

As versatile as it can get, his black denim-leather combo by Dorothy Perkins embodies all three. The pencil skirt can carry you from day to night, the juxtaposition of lace, denim, and leather soften the biker chic edge while still keeping it casual and feminine.


Taking a page of Balmain’s book, the olive green balances out the saccharine sweetness omnipresent in typical lace tops and give it a slight military edge.

Throw in a patterned jacket and voila, you look instagram-ready!

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Photography by Hastosa
Styling and content by Fitri Maharani