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by fmaharani

May 19, 2015

Manikan is listening to "Louane-Chambre 12"

A refreshing change from today's monotonous US music scene (I can barely bare another Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez), Louane's sweet pure melodious voice easily induces instant ear-gasm with every track of her first album Chambre 12. Louane beautifully croons about breakups and makeups,

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by fmaharani

May 18, 2015

Denim Tale

The ultimate casual staple, denim, can truly dazzle given some clever boost—play with textures, add a dash of exciting print, and remember : accessories can make or break your look!                                ...

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by Cji Chi

May 12, 2015

Holiday Idea - Bakakkoii

Yay, holiday is near but do you have any plan how to spend it with your friend. Instead of cafe hopping or shopping spree , why not make something creative, like bakakkoii (“stupidly cool”) video. As you can see in video above it's bassically about making trick, throw

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by ChiChi

May 8, 2015

Manikan is listening to : Sondre Lerche - Sentimentalist

We always love sondre lerche. His look, his voice, his music, his lyric, just simply adorable New song from Sondre erche is just perfect to company your tea time or just before you're going to sleep. Enjoy

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