Chit Chat : Puri (@idekuhandmade)

by Marketing on Jan 14, 2015

Back in 2014 we had a chance to meet Puri, the girl behind @idekuhandmade. We really wanted to meet her since her instagram feed is so awesome and inspiring. When we meet at small café in Jakarta, she was a very pretty girl and really fun to talk. Here our talk with her


Hi can you introduce yourself?

A : People call me Puri, my job full time crafter, live here in Jakarta

How long have you been in this business?

A : I think about 5 years start it in late 2008

Can you tell us the background of idekuhandmade ?

A : there’s a sentimental story about it. So when I was in elementary school I used pick up school service since my mother and father are busy working. Little me was jealous with other friends that can be picked up by their parents. From that moment I have a dream to work yet being able to pick up my children at school.

I took graphic design major at university, then I worked at Metro TV as a graphic designer 2 years, and start idekuhandmade at the same time. As the time goes I feel like my days just spent on the road, so I quit my job at Metro TV and focusing on indekuhandmade

So when you quit the job at Metro TV, are idekuhandmade has financially in good condition?

A: No, not at all. I do idekuhandmade because I believe in this business. Back in 2008 when I first upload idekuhandmade at social media at the evening, the next morning there’s one customer. From that day I really believe idekuhandmade has a future.

Now Idekuhandmade has beean around for 5 years, how many employees do you have?

A :  There’s 4 people in the workshop. Actually idekuhandmade is 2 persons. For 2 years I worked alone then I joined with my friend, Owi that handle marketing,. In workshop there’s 2 person that helped me. Also sometimes we hire freelance tailor like 6 person.

What do you think about handmade industry’s future?

A : I optimistically say that this industry have future, since I work on it (laugh, but its true since handmade product has identity and it’s limited and different from mass product. So people are still going to buy handmade products

How do you find inspiration for your products, since everything you made are so creative?

A : I think inspiration comes to me when I read, watch,  or even when I meet someone new. But still even though I find many inspirations I do not want to copy them . There is difference between being inspired and copying

Do you have any advice for the reader who want to start homemade business?

If you want to made a homemade business always remember to find your style  . And love your job, since many customer  wouldn’t want to know that handmade products are take long time to be made, so sometimes your weekend are filled with works, so if you love your job everything will be fun.