M.A.N by Manikan

by Marketing on Nov 29, 2014

Back in 2010 when Manikan's owners started the talk about making brand with Tenun Ikat as the component they decided to make a laptop bag. The plan later was scrapped away in 2011, instead making laptop bag they changed into Woman's bag .

There's many reason behind the decision. Woman's bag has many varities than man or laptop bag, and woman love bright color in Tenun Ikat than man who preer darker color.

In 2012 when we launched Manikan Envelope Bag we are very suprised that many our male friends came and asked us to made Man Collection. To cater our friends whishes we made Manikan Tribal Rucksack, and we decided to always make one collection for Man in the future

Nowadays Manikan image is too strong as bag for young female, and we always asked  by male custumer if the backpack (macaroon Backpack and Tribal Rucksack) are can be used by male.

With that thoughts Manikan decided to make a new lin, M.A.N by Manikan

Our first collection was inspired by travelling and we used Ikat from Jepara that people in the market called "blanket". We really proud with our first collection and we hope you like it too.