Style Files : Jothiele

by Yuka on Oct 25, 2014

We're very lucky to had a date with Jothielle back in August (#sorrynotsorrygirls) and we did have nice conversation about his style and his personal life. So read the interview below 

 Hi Jo, thanks for spending your evening with us. We’re so happy that you could bare some time for us.

A; You’re welcome, it’s nice to see you too

Well let’s start the interview then, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

A: My name is Jonathan Thiele, maybe you’re more familiar to Jo, or maybe my Instagram JoThiele. I am a fashion blogger and student living in Germany. I am Half Indonesian and Half German, Indonesian from my father and German from my mother. Well, I also speak English, Indonesian, German,  and French fluently.

Four languages! That’s amazing and youre like.. How old are you again

A : That's a secret to never be revealed, I mean grades don't measure intelligence and age doesn't define maturity.q

Well we figured you are still of young age, how on earth could you menage to learn 4 languages?

A : It comes naturally, since I am Indonesian – German, my parents taught me both, German and Indinesian, and being in between those two worlds English as an international laguage came with it as well. French I started ti learn in school startig at a young age but I also go to Paris a lot lately so French come by the flow as well, and I'm just really a language person. I also speak Javanese and Spanish a bit btw, not fluently though.

That's amazing! Oh by the way we’ve seen on your social media accounts such like instagram and, there’s one question that many people ask the most, so please answer this clearly would you? Are you really Clara Devi's (famous blogger) little brother?

A; Yeeah , people do ask me that question a lot, I have answered it like a hundred times, but people still ask me about that.
Well, we’re like soul siblings, we’re not blood related. I met Clara back when I still lived in Yogyakarta and we’re really connected that’s why we always call each other brother and sister.

Does Clara influenced your style?

A : No not really, I mean she’s a girl, surely its different from me, and she is more vintage and I like to go to something more classically chic, but more modern. But when I'm choosing clothes, she will help me anyway and vice versa.

Can you tell us more about that your style?

A : It’s like I like something preppy, modern, but still classic. I like  wearing blazers. I even wear blazers at school sometimes because I happen to want to wear it, it shows my style perfectly. I honestly do have an obsession with blazers lately.

Blazer obsession? Tell us more about that!

A : There’s that one time when I went to Paris with an almost empty luggage and then when I went back to Cologne my luggage was mainly filled by only jackets and blazers.

Talking about fashion, what kind of style do you like on a girl, your girl maybe?

A: It really does depend on the situation.

What if you'd go on a movie date? What do you wish your girlfriend to be wearing?

A : oh when it’s a movie date, I don’t expect too much from her. I mean it’s movie date, I just wish her to wear something comfortable that would suit you well though. But if you ask me about general style I wish my girl wear something effortlessly chic something without too much effort but still look good, and that suits together with me, so that our styles would math each other without havung spoken about it before.

Okay to make it more fun lets start fast fashion question, are you ready

A : okay bring it on!

Short or long pants?

A : Long Pants for me

Blazer or Jacket?

A : Blazer all the way

60s or 90’s?

A : 60’s

Girl with pants or skirt

A : What she feels most comportable with, but you can never go wrong with skirts, or pants..

Modern or traditional

A : Like I said before my style is classically modern. I always say everything needs a touch of tradition. You know, my favorite outfit is ripped jeans and a traditional German jacket. I love the combination.

Clara Devi or Anaz Siantar

A : No I can’t pick one, they’re both friends of mine

Just pick one which style you like better

A : I mean they have different style. Uncomparable.

  Okay lets talk something personal aside from fashion. So now you live in Cologne, Germany right now for school . If you had to choose, would you rather stay in Germany or Indonesia?

A: That's really a hard question that I'm asked a lot. Germany is my homecountry and so is Indonesia. I love both. 
Germany is just more modern and Indonesia has that chilled atmosphere and touch of tradition I mentioned everything needs. But having having to choose I would say Indonesia preferably Yogyakarta.

Whats your favorite food.

A : I not picky about food, but I cant live without mayonnaise. I really love Mayonnaise. Everything's just much better with Mayonnaise (:D).
As a dish though, I love Mie Ayam! It's probably the love of my live.

Lol, thanks Jo for this lovely evening chat. Have a safe flight back.

Text by Yuka Photo by Hastosa