Ikat Life

by Chi Chi on Oct 19, 2014

In Manikan we're turning beautiful Ikat Fabric from bali into simple yet unique bag that perfect for formal or casual occasion. Nowadaya there's also a lot of designers that use ikat fabric such as Dian Pelangi, Didiet Maulana, and Priyo Oktaviano that made beautiful outfit from Ikat. But do you know that Ikat is not only good for fashion? we will tell you

Ikat is perfect for your bedroom

Look the picture above, the touch of Ikat  on the pillow and the rug could make your room look unique but still simple. We are head over heels or wood for room with wood material and Ikat fabric as the interior.

Ikat also looks good on your bowl!

When we found this picture on the internet, we was like OMG where we could buy this beautiful bowl. This Ikat Bowl is too pretty

You could Print Ikat Motives and hang it on the wall!

Since we're not rich enough to hang Monalisa on our bed room (lol), I guess Ikat motives on the frame will add something unique to our bed room and give tribalry vibe to it.

You could also sent it as postcard

If you already have Ikat Motives on your computer why dont print it and use it as post card or greeting card since post card getting expensive lately .

With Little imagination and effort Ikat will make your nail POP OUT

This is Girl Night Out Material, instead just coloring your nails with something usual or plain, why not be creative with your friend and try this ikat motives. Will be fun!!