Chit Chat : The Girl Behind Time Machine - Marchella FP

by Chi Chi on Oct 16, 2014

What do you miss from your childhood? The game, the food, the music, or the show? Everything sounds good and fun when we think about all the things that happen in the past. There's Japanesse word to escribe that feeling, Natsukashii, small thing that you suddenly, joyously back to fond memories not with a wisful longing for what's past but with an apreciation of good times.

Meet Marcella, the girl that bring the time machine with her book Generasi 90an, which becomes Best Seller in Indonesia( bet that many Indonesians go Natsukashii with her book). Manikan really happy to be able to meet Marcella in person and did little interview with her

Q : Can introduced yourself with the our reader?

A : I am Marcella FP, 24 years old I am the writer and graphic designer from Generasi 90an book

Q : Beside making Generasi 90an, what other works do you do?

A : Graphic designing mostly, sometimes  I got invited to be a speaker at the seminar or event, and sometimes I sleep, making Indomie.

Q : LOL, but this kindda serious question, since your book was originally made for uni project, did  you expect that Generasi 90an could be this big.

A : Surely not (laugh), because I just want to graduated as soon as possible, but once some thoughts crossed my mind like if Generasi 90an got published,  there’s a lot people wanted this book. But it was only a thought since I didn’t know about how to get published, who to contact and etc. So Thanks God, it is already happening

Q : Some of my friends also read Generasi 90an book and also follow the official Instagram, they said like, OMG this draw is really cute or that’s me in the 90’s. I want to know, what is the most difficult thing in this project?

A : The difficulty , hmmm finding data it’s not really that hard.

Q : Really?

A : Yeah, there’s a lot of 90s data on the internet included 90s TV scheduled etc  but I think the most difficult think is to select all the things in 10 years period to be only featured in few pages. There’s a lot interesting things in 90s but I need to select what things that iconic in the 90s and all people in Indonesia loved and remebered

Q: Since you’re making about 90’s , what is the most thing that you like from the 90’s?

A :   I like the game, something  that  play, mostly all the games

Q : we ’re on 2014, so what is the thing that you miss from 90’s era?

A : Actually I miss how people connected in the past, like we don’t  need social media. Back when I was a kid I like to play at the field with friends and get interaction physically without using facebook, path, instagram, etc.

A : Is there any things that you don’t like in 90s?

Q : Hmm, not really, I mostly enjoyed everything, uh huh I know I hate it when my mom force me to sleep after Dunia Dalam Berita (news show) (laugh)

Q : Is there any sequel for Generasi 90an, or maybe you want  to made Generasi 80an or 70an?

A : Yes, hopefully at the end of December, I will release the second book, of course is the sequel for Generasi 90

Q :  So actually you’re really busy with Generasi 90an right?

A : Yeah but actually I also want  to made a Hapiness Book, kindda like a children book.But right now I made something about my childhood in Generasi 90an, maybe I can call it children book also

 Q : Last Question , what Manikan product do you love?

A  : i like the Manikan Eyebag, since it's cute and unique. I've never seen tenun could be turned into something cute like this