Style Files : Aiiness

by Yuka on Sep 20, 2014

Just be yourself, that’s what always Ines  Ariani do in life and in her fashion style.She represents her unique and quirky personality by her colorful hair that changes every month, bold outfit, that make people thinks that Ines really into Harajuku. In fact she hates Harajuku. Read Manikan interview with Ines Ariani and enter her quirky world

Can you explain your fashion style?

A : I like something quirky, rebel, and bright color like neon color

So it’s something like Harajuku right?

A : actually I Hate Harajuku

Eh, its kindda shocking, since many people including us associates you with Harajuku styles.

A : Theres a lot of people thought the same way like  you like JPOP or KPOP right ?(laugh),  but actually I kindda hate it. I don’t know how to explain my style, hmm

Maybe something like Jeremy Scott?

A : ah yes, that sums up my personal style, since Jeremy is like my most favorite designer.

Jeremy Scoot is famous for something quirky yet colorfull, so we can say thatis  your signature style

A : You can say so, but I need to clarify one thing, I like matching color not something unmatched. Like today, I wear sporty outfit from head to toe, okay it’s all colorful but still matched. I will never wear like girly skirt then sporty top. My style is very conceptual

By the way, whats your color hair right now, rainbow something?

A : hmmm theres blue, tosca purple, pink, so many colors at once

We follow your instagram feed your hair is literally changing color every month, how do you treat your hair?

A : I don’t really like to do special treatment as I come to salon once a months (laugh), so lazy. I only use shampoo for colored hair. No something special

First time you colored your hair, how was your parents reaction?

A : They support me since they pay the saloon bill ( laugh) but yeah my parents are very supportive

Good for you,  by the way what is fashion things that you think every girl should have?

A: Hmm let me think.. Sneakers, because it is so comfy, when I’m in casual day or just go to campus, I only wear shirt and sneaker.

We follow your Instagram acc,and your photos are always in good quality, how do you keep your photos quality?

A : Nothing special, usually I will ask my boyfriend to snap a picture of me, or when I went  out with my fellow bloggers I ask them to take a pic of me and I can take them as well. Since I feel bad to ask my non blogger friends to take my pictures and I don’t give something to them. And also sometimes I get an offer from several photographers to take a shot.

Okay this is the hardest question(laugh), what is your favorite Manikan products?

A : I am not seeing the newest collections yet, but overall I like Manikan Paperluch Clutch the silver and the gold one, since I never saw a bag like that with ikat part of it!