Mix and Match : First Day at Work

by Yuka on Sep 1, 2014

It's kindda hard to choose the right outfit for the first day at work. Well you need to look pretty but you might kindda fear with jealous senior that will judged you. Well for thyat cases Manikan have an easy trick for you

First wear a simple clothes, like blazzer, we choose blue color since it is chic and elegant, wearing black blazzer will made your look boring and old. Avoid wearing too much acsessories, but we can recomend wearing colar chain . Remember to use the simple desing as you can.

Wearing daytime clutch such Manikan Envelope Bag will be a good idea for first day at  work. Here's the reason 

  1. They look modern: There is something about the aesthetic that screams “graphic modern fabness” to my eye, especially when the clutches are rectangular with sharp corners.
  2. They look minimal: Their strap-free integrity adds a simpler element to your outfit, which personally speaks to my minimal style.
  3. They look different: Wearing a clutch during the day makes a different type of fashion statement to the oversized handbag.