Style Files : Eliz Rahajeng

by Yuka on Aug 25, 2014

Born in Blora, Central Java, raised in USA for 12 years before head back to Bali, Indonesia, Elizabeth Rahajeng almost got what every girls dream of. Pretty faces, nice figure, good english, and lot of Instagram followers (7k to be exact)

In this Style Files section we will talk about what her beauty secret and also what is her favorite Manikan's item!

Q : Can you tell us about your personal style?

A :  My personal style is classic, elegant, feminine. I love clothes with structure, clean lines - clothes that make a woman feel confident.

Q : What do you do for your everyday mae up? since in all of your instagram feed, you look flawless!!

A: For an everyday look, I always try to go as natural as possible. I'm in love with bronze shades so it's always different shades of brown eyeshadow from my Naked palet, no mascara, no eyeliner. Then a peach colored blush for my cheeks, and I would finish it off with a nude colored lipstick or gloss from Sephora.

Q : How do you maintain your great figures?

A:  I do have a special dermatologist here in Bali that I see regularly. I have really sensitive skin so everything I use on my face is doctor perscribed. One tip I can give is to always, always use moisturizer! As for my body, I try to work out by doing yoga at home. I stopped drinking tea and instead replaced that with warm water and lemon every morning. It's a mini detox to start your day.

Q : When in doubt, what color will you use?

A : When in doubt, I always wear nude or white. Those are my two favorite colors to wear because they go with everything!

Q : What kind of fashion things that every girls should have?

A : I always say that a fashion girl should always have at least one good white button down shirt. It is so versatile and you can literally wear it to any occasion. Other must haves are a pair of nude heels and a leather jacket!

Q : Last Question, what is yor Manikan"s Favorite item

A: Clear clutch with purple endek fabric. I once wore this product to an international conference in Bali and I got so many compliments on it! It seemed like every girl in the room wanted to have one for themselves!

text by Yuka, photo by Hastosa