Girl Crush Wednesday : Wednesday

by Chi Chi on Aug 20, 2014

She's beautiful, she's rich, she's also smart (having cumlaude for her double degrees in Columbia University), but we have one more reason to love her, she's also kind hearted!

Despite her foreign accent ( that also make her famous also people often called her snobish) but Cinta Laura has always care for Indonesia's Education. With Yayasan Sukaseno, which her mother owned, Cinta already had teaching English for unfortunate kid since she was nine years old! After having role in her first drama "Cinderlella", she always give the money monthly for the organization.

In her free time, she often come to teach the kid at the school that Soekaseno Organisation built, and also sometimes she will bring another celebrities such as Caisar to dance with the kids.

What an inspiring woman right!