About Us

Unique is a quality many are longing to achieve. Yet people are sometimes afraid to step outside the line of much favored understated elegance.
We are at Manikan are ready to cater to your desire by adding Endek, an alluring Balinese traditional beauty, to the fabric of your life.

Originally, Endek served its purpose as ceremonial costumes only. It is a fairly rare occurrence and far removed from the daily wear of even the Balinese. We consider it a pity that something so precious and beautiful is obscured from modern use and sophisticated fashion trend. We are at Manikan aims to endorse Endek as an everyday wear with the concept “SIMPLY UNIQUE”. With a awareness and concern towards indigenous culture, Manikan, originated from the Balinese word ‘manik’ meaning ‘jewel’, is a reference to our purpose for Endek to be a jewel in your every day life.